Why I Volunteer at Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center

Pat Daniels (right) assisting Michigan Artist Wendy Shaft (left) during her 2021 ArtPath artist talk

I was introduced to art by my daughter Katrina Daniels*. She has a way of explaining art without ever sounding condescending.

I enjoy volunteering because of the people I meet and the beautiful art. It’s exciting to see new exhibits every other month, as you never know what the medium will be. It could be sculptures, fiber art, photography, pottery, or woodworking.

During the pandemic last year, the Gallery put on Pop Up art exhibitions – I volunteered at several of these. When other arts organizations were closed, Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center was providing a safe space for the community to view and purchase art. A young man was shopping at one of these Pop Up’s and he was looking for a gift for his girlfriend. While chatting he told me that he had never been inside an art gallery because he thought it was intimidating. After experiencing the Pop Up he said he would come again when the Gallery was open inside. This among other reasons is why I volunteer. I get more out of it than I give.

In addition to volunteering, I am also a patron. I have purchased four pieces of art through the lease/purchase program at the Gallery. Now I am a collector of contemporary, Michigan art and I know this program means anyone can also become a collector.

*Katrina Daniels is the Exhibitions & Gallery Sales Director at the Gallery.

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