The Impact of Legacies

An Artist’s Legacy

William Davis was Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center’s first major legacy donor. Upon his untimely passing in 2008, the Gallery received a generous contribution through a pre-coordinated legacy donation. Bill was a bobbin lace artist, and was a dear friend to the gallery for many years. Through his legacy donation, he left a long lasting impact on the gallery and its future.

What is a “legacy”?

Legacy gifts are planned donations given in a will or another similar arrangement. Donors make the decision during their lifetime to set aside a gift for an organization (or multiple organizations) of their choice that is promised to said organization(s) upon the donor’s passing. It is their way of leaving a personal imprint, as well as providing an undying legacy of their wishes and values.

How do legacy gifts help and support Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center?

At Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center, legacy contributions support endowments, trusts, stocks, property, programming, operations, and more. A legacy donor’s passion can be in arts education, Michigan artists, or aiding with the establishment of a permanent cultural facility in Lansing for the gallery, as contributions are for an established legacy of programming in the Lansing community.

Are there other ways to support Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center?

Those who wish to support the gallery in other ways may join our Donor Circles, become a Friend of the Gallery, or join as a of the gallery member.

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