Teaching Artists

Michelle Detering (1)

Michelle Detering

Michelle is a nature inspired watercolor and mixed media artist from Michigan. She works in a variety of media including watercolor, photography, mixed media and collage, with watercolor being her primary medium. Her work offers a contemporary take on watercolor that resists the traditional restraints of the medium. Her work emphasizes fluidity and flow, and demonstrates a balance between looseness and control. She likes to use whatever medium best helps channel the story she is trying to tell about the natural world and hopes to inspire people through her art to the see the magic and beauty in nature. Michelle has received numerous awards for her artwork and has participated in group and solo shows throughout the Midwest and is collected by nature enthusiasts worldwide. For more information about Michelle visit: https://www.michelledeteringart.com/

Artist Susannah Van Horn

Susannah Van Horn

Susannah is a visual arts educator whose work is situated at the crossroads of contemporary art and classical archaeology. Dr. Van Horn was a professor at MSU for ten years before taking her current position at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish School in East Lansing. She has extensive teaching and fieldwork experience, having served as a conservator, photographer, and illustrator at excavations in Egypt, Crete and central Greece. Her most recent artwork was on display at ArtPrize in 2015 and 2016 and her current research focus is on the interpretation of archaeological evidence as part of an excavation’s educational and community outreach mission.

Artist Regina Pericini

Regina Pericini

"Learning to craft, as a teen lit me up like nothing else! I love to share this gift, and hope it sparks creativity on some level with all who do it."

Regina, studied art and fashion design at College of Alameda, CA. Regina developed her own designs she created her own business, Flock Home, goods for yourself, home, and kiddo. Regina is a professional teaching artist and has taught block printing on fabric as well as other printing techniques to both adults and youth at summer art camps and many institutions in Michigan and California. She currently volunteers at Cornell Elementary School with the "Meet the Masters" program.

Artist Paloma Rosales

Paloma Rosales

Paloma studied at Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI. She now works as a professional graphic designer. In addition to graphic design, Paloma was trained in Arts Education with the Lincoln Center for the Arts. Since the early 1990's, Paloma has worked with young people teaching them about drumming and art. She as taught with many youth organizations in Detroit and most recently with local Lansing institutions: The Michigan Project, Allen Neighborhood Center, Reach Art Studio and Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center.

Artist Tara Thelen

Tara Thelen

Tara Thelen is a professional and teaching artist living in the Netherlands and part-time in Michigan, where she is from. She has been working as a professional illustrator and book and CD cover artist for over 15 years. Since 2007, Tara has been teaching art to grade school children, as well as, to private groups at Museum Kranenburgh in The Netherlands.

My passion is to awaken a real sense of creative amazement and to ignite confidence when children and teens see what they can accomplish through the drawing techniques I teach!”

Tara has been teaching summer art camp at the Lansing Art Gallery for the past 5 years.