Space Between | Gerald Collins

Image: 'Follows You' by Gerald Collins
Image: 'Follows You' by Gerald Collins
Image: 'Consumed' by Gerald Collins
Image: 'Consumed' by Gerald Collins

Exhibition & Events

Gerald Collins

July 7 - August 26, 2023

Reception: Thursday, July 13, 2023 from 5 - 7 PM

Artist Bio

Gerald Collins (b. Detroit, MI) is an artist working with light and space, architecture, sculpture, photography, and film. Collins' artwork merges materials that allow for active viewership to develop into a dynamic personal experience. Often incorporating non-tangible elements of artificial and natural light, color, and sound; his ambient installations posit an alternate materiality that builds the omnipresent structures of experience and total consciousness. While diverse in medium, Collins has established
an oeuvre heavily rooted in utilizing space, environment, color, and form to explore the intricate nature of human experience and evolution.

Collins received a BFA with honors from Oakland University in 2017. While at university he began to study and experiment with light, color, and space within his daily life, as well as his artistic practices and design, work. These studies informed a much larger
exploration into understanding how light, color, and space can synchronize to enhance our daily life and experiences. As a result, Collins was able to successfully merge his fine art practices and his design practices for a project entitled "Mood" which awarded
him the "Best in Show Award" for the School of Art and Design at Oakland University in 2017. He has created light and film installations for numerous public spaces in Detroit in addition to operating as a communications designer and creative director for various companies, agencies, and artistic entities based out of Michigan, New York, Arizona, and California.

Artist Statement

Gerald states:

"Conceptually, for this exhibition, I am working directly with light and space or light-sensitive materials that work with the space to enhance and add to the viewers' experience of the works. Specific colors are used heavily throughout these works to communicate sentiment. Because sentiment is subjective; these works truly enable the viewer to develop a personal connection through their own lived experience. This creates a powerful internal dialogue between the artwork and viewer, which turns into a very powerful exchange of perspectives between people; strangers or familiar. This impact creates levels of understanding and/or enlightenment. Light is a substance we not only see but we also absorb on a molecular level; given a specific intensity it actually supplements some of the essential vitamins we receive from the sun itself. This is a very important factor for myself as an artist working with all light in Michigan where we naturally do not receive sunlight due to the amount of freshwater we are surrounded by; which is a gift and a curse. These works are a direct reflection of the natural world around us and because of that the viewers are ultimately looking at the possibility; allowing them to develop new appreciation and understanding of the natural world around us."