Leave a Legacy

What is a “legacy”?

Legacy gifts are planned donations given in a will or another similar arrangement. Donors make the decision during their lifetime to set aside a gift for an organization (or multiple organizations) of their choice that is promised to said organization(s) upon the donor’s passing. It is their way of leaving a personal imprint, as well as providing an undying legacy of their wishes and values.


An Artist’s Legacy

William Davis was Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center’s, first major legacy donor. Upon his untimely passing in 2008, the Gallery received a generous contribution through a pre-coordinated legacy donation. Bill was a bobbin lace artist and was a dear friend to the gallery for many years. Through his legacy donation, he left a long-lasting impact on the gallery and its future, and you can too!

Whether your passion is arts education, Michigan artists, or providing a permanent cultural facility in Lansing, your contribution is to an established legacy of programming in our community. You may support Lansing Art Gallery through estate planning such as endowments, bequests, trusts, charitable gift annuities, stocks, and property. With the assistance of your financial planning advisor, a gift may go toward programming, operations, or another earmarked initiative.


How do legacy gifts help and support Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center?

At Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center, legacy contributions support endowments, trusts, stocks, property, programming, operations, and more. A legacy donor’s passion can be in arts education, Michigan artists, or aiding with the establishment of a permanent cultural facility in Lansing for the gallery, as contributions are for an established legacy of programming in the Lansing community.


Are there other ways to support Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center?

Those who wish to support the gallery in other ways may join our Donor Circles, become a Friend of the Gallery, or simply become a member today.


For more information or to talk about leaving a legacy, please contact Acting Executive Director Michelle Carlson at 517-574-4521 or michelle@lansingartgallery.org.