Late StART Wednesdays


Registration for 2019-2020 school year now open.

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Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center, in partnership with the Lansing School District, is offering students an opportunity to start their Wednesday’s off, creating art with a professional Art Teacher. Art instruction focuses on visual arts education and appreciation while engaging youth to be imaginative, creative and confident. The Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center is proud to work with teaching artists to provide instruction. Professional, experienced art specialists give students of the Late StART Wednesdays hands-on instruction in a variety of visual arts media. Students learn vocabulary related to Elements of Art and Principles of Design. Late StART Wednesdays provide a valuable resource to parents who wish to expand their child’s opportunities for educational enrichment in the arts.

Schools served with busing: Cavanaugh, Forest View, Kendon, Lyons, Reo, Riddle, and Willow.

For more information, contact Education Director, Michelle Carlson at