Featured Artist: Kylie Thomas

Antidote by Kylie Thomas

I am a mixed media artist living and working in the Lansing area, and recently graduated from Western Michigan University with a BFA in Printmedia. My work is centered around creativity and the creative process, and the escape this can bring others. I am also interested in using art to heal and make a statement against injustice that we, as a community, face everyday. 

My work is large, immersive, and wildly colorful, often in the form of a mural or installation; but it hasn’t always been so large. I attended high school at St. Johns, where I contributed to small art shows and displayed work at many local Lansing businesses. In 2016, I participated in Lansing Art Gallery [& Education Center]’s high school art show Art Scholarship Alert with my piece “Flower Child”, which was my first time exhibiting in a real gallery. 

I spent the next four years at Frostic School of Art at WMU where I found my voice as an artist and my love for printmaking and installations. In addition, I gained so much knowledge and experience and made connections with a lot of incredible artists. During my time at FSOA, I experienced a few personal hardships and used art as an escape from reality and a way for me to overcome this adversity. I discovered that creativity served as this outlet for many people, even if they did not consider themselves creative. This discovery pushed me to find my purpose as an artist; using my voice and art to help others overcome their adversities and find their own voice. 

Shortly after graduating, amidst the pandemic, I realized people needed this creative escape more than ever as they were quarantined to their homes. Thats when I applied and received word that I would be creating a mural for ArtPath 2020 through the Lansing Art Gallery [& Education Center]! I learned about ArtPath, and the beauty it has brought to the community in previous years, and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to spread creativity during this time. 

I created my mural “Antidote” to bring the wild colors of creativity to the Lansing community in hopes that it would be the antidote that people need during these unprecedented times. I hope to continue to use art not only as an escape for myself and others, but also to take a stand against injustice and hate and make our community a safe and positive place. “Antidote” is located under the Elm St Bridge in Elm Park on the Lansing River Trail.

Lastly, I want to thank the Lansing Art Gallery [& Education Center] for the opportunities they have granted me throughout my artistic career and development. I look forward to finding the inspiration that Lansing holds and continuing to create here! 

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