Are you interested in joining our Board of Directors?

Our Board Development Committee would love to hear from you! The committee is responsible for recruiting and recommending to the Board candidates for election to the Board, as well as orientation for new Board Members. We are actively seeking diversity in all its forms on our Board Member representation in terms of race, ethnicity, culture, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, national origin, veteran status, social economic class, religion, and professional status.

Board of Directors

Board members play a very important role in the leadership of Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center, which includes fiscal responsibility. Board members have perspectives that align with the organizational goals, strategies, and needs. The board composition blends skill sets, expertise, community connections, and diverse perspectives. Board members are expected to fulfill four dimensions of leadership for Lansing Art Gallery. These include governance, giving, ambassadorship, and consulting.

Board Member - Holiday

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

The Board must be fiscally responsible, ensuring that the Gallery has sufficient funds to carry out its mission and to build a solid base for the future. The Board acknowledges its own vote to raise funds and steps forward to suggest, manage and promote events to maintain their financial objective. Personal involvement is most evident and essential.


Governance focuses on being fully prepared, and attending and participating in Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center board meetings. The key policy is often formalized at meetings, and the member’s involvement is critical. Board members must commit meetings to the calendar and make every effort to attend all meetings. Members should review materials sent in advance of board meetings and note questions. At the meeting, members should listen actively and be prepared to participate when appropriate.


Your financial support is a very important dimension of leadership that can set the stage for many others in their charitable giving to the organization. It is reasonable for outside donors to ask and expect that the board contributes time, money, and professional expertise. This fundamental leadership is a building block for excellence that can encourage the entire community. Your gift should represent one of the year's top three-to-five charitable investments.


Ambassadorship focuses on your desire and ability to introduce others to the gallery. Your sincere introduction to people in your network can make an important contribution to the organization.


You bring very specific abilities, or levels of expertise, which can help the organization. Please consider whether you are willing to donate your time, unique abilities, and expertise, and share that information with the Executive Director, who can involve you in mission advancement.

Board Member Profile

Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center Board Members:

  • have the desire to serve Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center
  • are enthusiastic about fundraising for important causes
  • have ideas for community betterment and want to put them into effect
  • enjoy working in congenial groups for a worthwhile cause
  • anticipate the opportunity to exercise leadership within a nonprofit organization

Are you a leader in the arts? Are you interested in discussing Board leadership? Contact Acting Executive Director Michelle Carlson at!