An Artist’s Perspective: “An Institution That Has Enriched The City And Region For Over Fifty Years”

I had been a patron of Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center for several years before becoming an art instructor in 2011. After being downsized in 2010, I had more free time to pursue creative activities and I love teaching art and design. I enjoyed participating in spring break and summer art camps, sharing my love of art with youth. From 2011-2018 we had a grand time making art, learning from each other, and having fun. I have also conducted a few workshops with adults, which has been a wonderful experience. In 2018 I was one of ten ARTpath artists with the inaugural summer of art along the Lansing River Trail.

Currently I am an artist member of the Gallery where I sometimes participate in the annual Holiday Show and sale. Once in awhile I provide refreshments for openings as well as addressing envelopes since I have excellent handwriting!  I love seeing the exhibitions and hearing artists speak about their work and shows. I served on the Fund Development Committee in the past.  I also promote Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center to others whenever possible, outside of the Gallery. So, I guess I am an unofficial social influencer and ambassador too.

There are many elements of Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center that make it special to me.  First and foremost, the staff projects an optimistic and enthusiastic attitude, conveying curiosity and interest.  A welcoming environment is important for a cordial atmosphere—visitors range from novices to experts.  The Gallery is open to all. Second, I deeply appreciate the focus on Michigan art and artists, helping to hold up and sustain the state.  The state desperately needs to support its’ culture and contribute to a richer life for its residents. Third, the quality of the work on display is outstanding and top-notch.  The Gallery Shop presents a delicious assortment of handmade treasures. To me, as an artist, I believe it is vital to exhibit a professional standard of quality. Lack of seriousness propagates a lack of respect and regard for art.  Fourth, Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center offers educational opportunities for all ages along with scholarships for youth.  A productive classroom experience is advantageous and nurtures developing students.  Participating in a good workshop adds much to an adult’s creative life. Lastly, forward thinking ways to interact with the community and region.  For example, ARTpath brings much to Lansing’s cultural life.  Open Art House is valuable for those looking for a beneficial art community.  Art Scholarship Alert is a scholarship competition for high school students who may not have other artistic opportunities.

I enjoy my affiliation with Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center, and I am proud of my membership. I am constantly amazed at how much the staff does with limited resources and a small team.  It is an institution that has enriched the city and region for over fifty years. 


  1. Hari Kern on July 29, 2020 at 7:17 pm

    Brava, Jane, Lovely article.

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