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Sam Carter, Education Intern
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Sam Carter

Education Intern

Sam is a senior in Michigan State University's BFA Acting program with minors in Dance, Musical Theatre, and Arts and Cultural Management. She is currently applying to graduate programs and hopes to obtain a MFA in applied drama and theatre for the young. After Graduate school Sam aims to become an Education and Outreach Director at a children's theatre, and continue spreading her love of the arts to young people through accessible programming.


Kaylee McCarthy

Education Intern

Kaylee McCarthy is a student at Michigan State University, where she studies Arts and Humanities, Art History and Visual Culture, and German. After graduation, she plans to begin a career in arts education or museum education. As an Education Intern, she hopes to gain experience planning and facilitating programs as well as working with community members in an arts-based environment. In her free time, she enjoys reading and writing, walking, crocheting, drawing, and playing the piano.



Ally Guastella

Gallery Exhibitions Intern

Ally Guastella is a senior at Western Michigan University and currently studies Art History through a queer and feminist lens. After graduation, they plan to pursue a Master’s Degree in anthropology to achieve a greater understanding of art as a cultural and social product. Ally is excited to gain community experience regarding art and hopes to gain more knowledge on making art more accessible to the public through interning with the Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center. Ally enjoys tattooing, muy thai, taking care of plants, and spending time with loved ones in her free time.

Internship Alumni

Abigail Rhoads

Abigail Rhoades recently graduated from Michigan State University with her degree.  History with minors in Museum Studies and Asian Studies. After graduation she plans to further her education by pursuing a master's degree in Museum Studies. She aims to join the field as a museum professional in the future, and she hopes her experience as an education intern at the Lansing Art Gallery will give her insight on the practical application of the theories she's learned in class.

Emmerson Antcliff

Emmerson recently earned her Associates Degree in Art Foundations from Lansing Community College.  Emmerson is hoping to continue her education through a Master's program in Art Therapy, a field that she believes has the potential to make a real difference in people's lives.

Clayton Kennedy

Clayton Kennedy is a senior from Michigan State University. He is majoring in Art History & Visual Culture with a minor in Graphic Design. After graduation, he plans on pursuing a Master’s degree in Art Administration. In his role as an arts administration intern, he aims to achieve a further understanding of the behind-the-scenes operations of a gallery space. Clayton enjoys spending his time cooking or making art.

Madison Miller

Madison Miller is currently a Senior at Western Michigan University pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Art with an emphasis in Photography and Intermedia with a minor in Marketing, and will be graduating this December. She is planning to work in the creative marketing field to bring more photography and graphic design work into the business world. In her role as a gallery intern, she hopes to gain more insight into the management and art programming realm through art exhibitions, public art, and many other activities. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and exploring the many forests of Michigan and collecting vinyl records.

Julia Sager

Julia Sager is a Senior at Michigan State University and will be graduating with a BA in Art History and Visual Culture this December. She is planning on continuing her arts education and will be pursuing her Master’s degree in Arts and Cultural Management. In her role as an Education Intern, Julia hopes to gain more arts programing and management experience. In her spare time, she enjoys studying and practicing photography. Julia will be traveling to Germany and would love to incorporate travel into her career.

Enid Smith

Enid Smith is an incoming senior at East Lansing High School and is entering her second year of AP Studio Art. She is planning on studying illustration and library science in college. In her role as an Education Intern, Enid hopes to learn more about working in the art world and teaching kids about art! In her free time she enjoys painting, watching tv, and spending time with her cats, preferably all at once.

Mia Elzy

Mia Elzy is a graduating senior from Michigan State University. She is majoring in Art History & Visual Culture with a minor in Museum Studies. As a Detroit-native, she has a deep appreciation for Michigan-based artwork. In her role as a gallery intern, she aims to get a hands-on experience of the world of handling collections and the preparation of exhibitions.

Azya Moore

Azya is a student at Michigan State University, achieving her Bachelors of Fine and Museum Studies Minor. With her internship as a Gallery Intern, she hopes to gain an understanding of the art world from the museum perspective, as well as learning about the artist perspective, as she hopes to become a showing artist. In her time away from the gallery, Azya is either reading a book or hanging with friends.

Leslie Hemenway

Leslie is a senior at Michigan State University studying communication with a specialization in public relations. She’s one of our Education Outreach interns, and is passionate about all forms of art. When she’s not at the gallery, she’s likely spending time with friends, enjoying a good meal or laughing at memes on the Internet.

Crystal Gause

Crystal is a junior at Michigan State University studying Arts and Humanities and Arts and Cultural Management. As an Arts Administration intern, she hopes to learn the ins and outs of arts organizing. Crystal spends most of her time daydreaming and cooking for friends.

Calla Sundin

Calla is a junior at Michigan State University studying Arts and Humanities and Museum Studies. She loves museums of all kinds and is excited to learn more about art as an Education and Outreach intern. In her free time Calla loves to dance, make pottery and hang out with her cats.

Taylor Gavin

Taylor is a senior at Grand Valley State University studying Studio Art with an emphasis in Illustration. As a Gallery intern, she hopes to learn from, be inspired by and work directly with artists and their work. Taylor loves taking care of her plants, hanging out with her cats and of course doing what she loves most – making art.