Contemporary Art Made by Michigan Artists

Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center is committed to showcasing quality art, which represents the diversity of contemporary work currently created by Michigan artists. The gallery distributes a state-wide call for each program, accepting applications of original artwork from artists at least eighteen years of age residing in Michigan. Throughout the call for artists, adjudication and exhibition process, the Gallery abides by the Visual Artists Rights Act and Copyright Act of 1976.

Competitive Exhibition Opportunities

Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center offers solo, group, and competitive exhibitions showcasing a wide range of media, perspective, and diversity. From emerging to established artists, our exhibitions feature excellence in the visual arts. We offer competitive statewide recognition and significant awards, launching and legitimizing careers.

The Jury Process

Exhibitions & Gallery Sales Director Katrina M. Daniels convenes and publishes a diverse jury panel of arts professionals from across the state with expertise in varying disciplines with the following categories considered: race, ethnicity, culture, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, national origin, veteran status, social economic class and religion. The jurors serve on a rotating basis, ensuring artistic quality and merit. Jurors evaluate submissions using guidelines to ensure a process that is ethical, fair and reasonable. Additionally, jurors are required to disclose conflicts of interest if applicable. Adjudication is based on the following: excellence in craftsmanship, quality in design, technical competence, individual creative style, consistency, and professional presentation. As an educational institution we offer applicants the opportunity to receive juror’s feedback upon request.

Examples of past jurors include: Charles A. Wright, Dean of Academic Affairs at Kendall College of Art & Design; Brian Kirschensteiner, Chief Preparator at Broad Museum of Contemporary Art, Amy Brown, Visual Artist and Preparator at Broad Museum of Contemporary Art; Maureen Bersqueth Gray, Sculptor and Public Artist; Brian Whitfield, Muralist and Graphic Designer for the State of Michigan; Steven Hughes, Associate Professor of Illustration at Northern Michigan University; Emily Chase, Fine Artists and Manager of Creative Experiences at Peckham, Inc.; Quinn Jiles, Fine Artist and Art Educator; Leah Gose, Fine Artist and Assistant Professor, Program Chair at Kendall College of Art and Design.