Elizabeth Charles Emerging Artist Grant

Elizabeth Charles believed in the arts as a vehicle for self-expression and as a means to develop a deeper understanding of our humanity. As a student, she actively championed human equity and diversity. Established by Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center and Elizabeth's father, Norm Charles. Funding is provided by Norm Charles, Phyllis Mellon, as well as additional funders who seek to continue her championship by supporting emerging Michigan artists and amplifying their voices through a monetary award and promotions.

Application Guidelines and Purpose
The Elizabeth Charles Emerging Artist Scholarship is designed to support emerging artists studying the visual arts, artists seeking to establish a professional presence, or artists seeking to enhance an emerging presence. Preference will be given to artists with a vision for or emphasis on enhancing awareness and equity across race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or ethnicity. Annually awarded funds provide access to up to $1000 through a competitive award.
Individuals wishing to apply to both Michigan Collegiate Art Exhibition and for the Elizabeth Charles Emerging Artist Grant must do so separately. Eligibility and Details
- Applicants must be a Michigan-based visual art student applying to the Michigan Collegiate Art Exhibition.
- Scholarships must be used for study between March 1, 2020 and February 28, 2021.
- Applications will be reviewed, discussed, and evaluated by a review panel of qualified artistic professionals selected by the staff of Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center. Decisions of the panel may not be appealed.
- Only one project per individual per grant cycle will be awarded.
- Requests of up to $1000 will be considered. Partial funding of a request is possible.
- Funds cannot be regranted or redistributed or used for debt reduction/elimination, penalties or litigation.
Selection Criteria and Awards
Selections of awards will be based upon the following:
- A complete application with a clear, focused explanation of the request including uploaded materials: Artist's Statement, Images of Artwork, and Resume/CV, Letters of Support (maximum of two).
Application and sample materials that evidence:
- Study in the visual arts.
- A vision for or emphasis on enhancing awareness and equity across race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or ethnicity.
- Excellence in artwork samples: craftsmanship, quality in design, technical competence, individual creative style, consistency, and professional presentation.
Application Process and Scholarship Contract Terms
- Application is available electronically at lansingartgallery.org
- Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center retains the right to audit the books, records, documents, and accounting procedures and practices of the individual relevant to the contract.
- The grantee will submit an IRS W-9 form, as well as pay and report on the grant as income.
- Final reports are required. Any grantee with delinquent reports will be deemed ineligible to participate in Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center's programs in the future.