Donor Circles: Many Ways to Give

Recurring Monthly Gift

Giving a recurring monthly gift helps our patrons not only support the Gallery, but do so within their budget.

Due to the $1000 threshold required to become a Donor Circle member, recurring monthly gifts at this level start at $83.34 ($1000/12 months).

One Time Gift

Supporting the Gallery with a One Time Gift is one of the easiest ways to join a Donor Circle today.

Your choice to give a one time gift allows the Gallery to instantly use your gift to support our various exhibitions and educational programming.

Recurring Annual Gift

Your choice to set up a Recurring Annual Gift is a way to show your unwavering support for the Gallery's mission.

Choosing a recurring annual gift not only secures your spot as a Donor Circle member year after year, but helps our organization plan and grow into the future.

Not everyone is comfortable using technology to make gifts of this magnitude, or would simply rather write a check or receive an invoice.  If any of these sound like you, please contact Executive Director Barb Whitney at, to discuss all of your giving options.