Art Has No Barriers

Dominic and Catherine

Art Ability Bags

Join Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center as we create new projects each month.  Each of our Art Ability Bags contains art supplies for one individual project, written instructions, and a link to a "how to" video.

Registration is required, and one FREE Art Ability Bag per person (supplies are limited).

Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center Art Has No Barriers, a program created with teaching artist Catherine Tonning-Popowich, is an all-inclusive art class for students with and without disabilities. Students will learn to do their own art projects using various techniques and tools with no prior art experience necessary.


For more information about Art Has No Barriers program, please contact Education Associate, Saebren Stevens at

Upcoming Projects and Curbside Pick-Up Dates 2023

October 14 - Glue Spider Web


Art Ability Bags are FREE, 1 per person, but registration is required. Click one of the buttons to sign-up.

Three ways to participate:

Pick-Up at Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center

Mail - have an Art Ability Bag sent to you in the mail. Supplies are free; however, there is a small fee for shipping. A shipping fee discount is available; for more details please contact Saebren at

New! Thanks to MACC, we received funding that we can use to help offset the cost of Art Ability Bags by Mail.  If you need financial assistance, Please contact Saebren Stevens at, for more information

2023 Upcoming Projects

November 11

December 9

Pick-Up Location

Art Ability Bags will be available for curbside/contactless pick-up during your registered time:

Pick-up is located at:

Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center
300 South Washington Square, Suite 100, Lansing

DATE: Saturday, October 14

TIME: 11 AM - 2 PM

Past Art Ability Bag Projects

September  - Vegetable Garden

Create a vegetable garden to start the Fall season!

August  - Painted Fairy House

Create a cute little house to add to your garden or play with.

July  - Star Ward

A magical wand to celebrate Summer with!

June  - Macramé Rainbow

Create a fun macrame rainbow to hang in your room!

May  - Sun Catchers

Create a fun sun catcher to hang in your window!

April  - Painted Rock Houses

Create a cute little house to add to your garden or play with.

March  - Abstract 3D Face

Create a unique 3 Dimensional Portrait.

February  - Valentines

Create a Valentine to give to someone special.

January  - Playful 3D Penguins

Create an adorable penguin using an empty water bottle.

December  -Greeting Cards

Make a card for the holiday season.

November  -Thankful Wreaths

Make a wreath of things you are thankful for.

October  - Paper Roll Creatures

Create a 3-dimensional creature out of paper rolls.

September - Sticker Prints

Make your own mono prints using stickers.

August - Painting with a Fork

Forks are not only for eating, you now can paint with it.

July - Beach Ball Painting

Create a unique painting with this fun summertime toy, a beach ball. 

June - Super Spinner

Make a fun Spinner, for endless entertainment.

May - Flower Power Pots

Make a clay pot and plant a sunflower.

April - Picasso Portraits

Create an abstract portrait of yourself or a friend. 

March - Dot-to-Dot Paining

Create a unique painting using dots. 


February - Sweet Heart Watercolor Postcards

Paint a card to give to someone special.

January - Sock Creatures

Create your own Sock Creature and join the movement for arts accesability.


December - Playful Penguins

We will be creating a wintery scene with fun playful penguins.


November - Thankful Wreath

We will be creating a wreath out of construction paper filled with notes of thanks.

thank ful wreath
Gemma II
Preston H.

October  - Paper Roll Creatures

We will be creating 3 dimensional creatures out of paper rolls.  3 dimensional means you can see from the front and the back. The object has height, width and depth, it is not flat (or 2 dimensional) like a painting is.

Nystrom Paper Roll Creatures ii

September  - Torn Paper Portraits

Inspired by the artwork of Michigan artist Aj Prajzner’s Exhibition “Fragmented Places”.  Place is a location, a feeling, and an identity. How we view the world around us, and react to it, is derived by our personal existence - how we think, and what we’ve experienced both physically and emotionally.

Prajzner re-documents memories, by altering photographs from various points in her life, and reshapes them based on her current place. Learn more about Prajzner's work here:

August  - Honey Bee Collage

This project is inspired by the artwork of Michigan artist Lad Hanka. Lad Hanka's work is on exhibition at the Gallery until August 21.

You can learn more about his work here:

July  - Sun Painting

This project is inspired by summer. We encourage you to get outside and explore.

June  - Monoprints

Inspired by the work of Cathy Jabobx and Luzhen Qiu. Learn more about the work here:

May  - Make Little Art

Thank you to artist Jane Reiter for making this project possible.

April  - Escape Nature Diorama

Thank you to artist Matt Mulford for making this project possible.

March  - Paint Your Own Geode

Thank you to artist Paloma Rosales for making this project possible.


Art Ability Bag Projects

February  - Air Dry Clay Sculptures

Thank you to artist Michelle Detering for making this project possible.

Jacob Newman

January - Journal Making

Thank you to artist Jane Reiter for making this project possible.

Young boy with a big smile, showing his artwork he created.

December - Snowman Greeting Card

Thank you to artist Catherine Tonning-Popowich for making this project possible.

Josalin 1
Josalin 2

November - Thankful Wreath


Example of the Give Thanks Wreath Project
Preston Havens Art Ability Thankful Wreath
Jaren Frankovich Art Ability Bag Thankful Wreath
Josalin Tucker

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