02 | Cool Strutton

Sculpture  |  Jim Wolnosky |  Bath, MI

About This Installation

Speaking of his work Jim says “My work is best described as abstract expressionism, as I love to dabble in non-ordinary reality. The work I produce references that of Henry Moore, Joan Miro & the great jazz artists of the 50s & 60s. Working in wood, metal & stone, I design and produce modern contemporary sculpture & mobiles. I've always had a great interest in sculpture, especially kinetic sculpture. I've been a self-supporting professional artist for almost 50 years.”

Artist Bio

Jim Wolnosky has been working with wood in various ways for over 40 years. He worked his way through Wayne State University and Michigan State University as a self-taught carpenter, then proceeded to cabinet making and now designs and produces contemporary studio furniture, sculpture, and mobiles. In the past decade, Jim has begun exploring the possibilities of a new medium: metal. He has found this work adds fantastic new dimensions of motion and rhythm as well as the opportunity of using his sculptures outdoors. A former Detroiter, Jim now lives and works in semi-rural Bath, Michigan where he is currently developing a private sculpture garden. Although he sells most of his work at art fairs around the country from Manhattan to Kansas City, he has also been represented in various galleries in Michigan and the upper midwest. His work has also been highlighted in Taunton Press' Design Book 7, Fine Woodworking Magazine, and The Chicago Tribune.

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The Grassy Knoll

This grassy knoll is just South of the Turner-Dodge House in the historic Old Town Neighborhood. This space is just off of the trail and includes a shady area with a bench.

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