05 | Itsy Bitsy Spider

Sculpture  |  David Such & Fred Hammond |  East Lansing & Lansing, MI

About This Installation

This colorful and larger than life spider will be suspended under the César Chávez Bridge in Old Town.

The H/S ART team is Lansing-based and has been producing public art projects in Michigan for well over a decade. David Such and Fred Hammond are interested in any projects that reflect the creative talents of Michigan-based artists and serve to bring art to public spaces.

Artist Bio

David Such

A lifelong resident of the Lansing area, David has a passion for art and metal fabrication. Creating is David’s vocation and avocation. In 2008 David created Old Town ScrapFest, an annual art sculpture competition that creates public art from scrap metal while raising money for Artists. Held in Old Town Lansing, ScrapFest attracts thousands of visitors yearly for a two-day art festival on the streets of Old Town and has served as a launching pad for several art careers in creating public art.

Fred Hammond

An artist and lifelong resident of the East Lansing and Lansing area, Fred is a graduate of East Lansing High School and of Michigan State University, with a Degree in Business. Fred has been fabricating with metal for over 20 years. His unique designs are mirrored in the variety of works located throughout mid-Michigan.

Find On The Trail - Site 05

Under the César Chávez Bridge in Old Town

This César Chávez bridge is located in the historic neighborhood of Old Town. You will find this installation under the bridge, the sculpture will be suspended over the Grand River. It can be accessed from the river trail.

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Norm Charles

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