01 | Mondrian Windows

Sculpture  |  Kelly O'Neill  |  Brighton, MI

About This Installation

I started making stands for my dad’s pottery. He used to purchase plate stands from a catalog, resulting in a very pedestrian way of displaying his original hand made work. So I enrolled in a welding course at Washtenaw Community College. The instructor was very supportive and allowed me to use any metal from the scrap bin. I would bring a box of my dad’s pottery to class and then start creating new ways to express his work by elevating them in one-of-a-kind metal stands - created from scrap metal. It was here that I found my love for creating something new from someone’s scrap. This led to exploring thrift shops and scrap yards for items that could be repurposed. My aesthetic was born! I find joy in finding one piece of metal that inspires an idea. I love the idea of asymmetric balance. So each piece of metal will build upon that idea creating a unique form. I most proud of the success I have had in just 3 years. I contribute this to my philosophy of saying “Yes” even if I am not knowledgeable about what I’m getting myself into. This pushes me to learn new skills and to try new things. What sets me apart is how I have mixed mediums in my work. Very few artists incorporate clay and metal into a sculpture, I have also started adding glass as an accent too.

Artist Bio

Kelly O’Neill was a marketing professional with General Motors for 34 years. Kelly has been a professional artist since 2018 with a focus on metal sculpture. With the recent retirement from her marketing career, Kelly has had time to exhale and allow more introspection and thoughtfulness in her artistic creations with attention to construction and care in production. O’Neill works with Metal, Clay, and Glass - Her metalwork sculptures are from recycled steel and are finished with Powder Coating, Paint, or natural patina. Her Ceramics use both wheel-thrown and hand-built techniques, fired with custom glazes.

Her art is the Fusion of Iron and Earth. Each piece is unique and symbiotically created.

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Turner-Dodge House

The historic Turner-Dodge House is located on the Northside of Lansing in the historic neighborhood of Old Town. Find this installation on the southeast corner of the property near the circle driveway and garden.

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