01 | Mondrian Windows

Sculpture  |  Kelly O'Neill  |  Brighton, MI

About This Installation

O’Neill was thrusted into her metal sculpture career when her dad was diagnosed with lung cancer.

“My Dad has always been a major influence in my life. You would describe him as a “renaissance” man. He was always exploring new creative expressions from photography to candle making. He found his true calling as a potter. I always followed his lead, enjoying the journey and camaraderie. His death started my artistic journey - first making mixed media creations with his pottery and enhancing them with metal receptacles. I wanted to pursue a new perspective to honor my dad’s art. I believe the expected presentation of a ceramic vessel limited its expression and uniqueness. This led to my exploration of metal form as its own artistic expression.

'Mondrian Windows' was inspired by an old wagon wheel found on the side of the road. The use of geometric shapes combined to create shapes within shapes is aesthetically pleasing. The pop of color from the glass is a contemporary interpretation of Piet Mondrian’s work. Interesting fact, this piece was reworked from the piece displayed at ArtPrize 2021.

All of my work is crafted with recycled metal. So, my art is dynamic and continues to change with what inspires me.” - O'Neill

Artist Bio

Kelly O’Neill was a marketing professional with General Motors for 34 years. Kelly has been a professional artist since 2018 with a focus on metal sculpture. With the recent retirement from her marketing career, Kelly has had time to exhale and allow more introspection and thoughtfulness in her artistic creations with attention to construction and care in production. O’Neill works with Metal, Clay, and Glass - Her metalwork sculptures are from recycled steel and are finished with Powder Coating, Paint, or natural patina. Her Ceramics use both wheel-thrown and hand-built techniques, fired with custom glazes.

Her art is the Fusion of Iron and Earth. Each piece is unique and symbiotically created.

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