18 | Bloom

Mural  |  Nick Nortier  |  Grand Rapids, MI

About This Installation

'Bloom' consists of detailed floral drawings arranged in a sporadic pattern and painted with bright and contrasting colors. The aim of the project is to bring a bit of color and beauty to the area. Michigan has many cloudy days, which is one reason why I love to paint murals; they bring about a splash of color and positivity when we need it most. I'm looking forward to seeing this mural finished in the summer but I'm also looking forward to seeing how it looks in the winter - a pop of color amongst a sea of white and gray.

Artist Bio

Old Growth Creative is the business name for artist and muralist Nick Nortier. It comes from the admiration of old-growth forests and the reverence that comes from seeing something existing in the natural world that hasn’t been altered by human hands. Due to deforestation these forests are increasingly rare and symbolize a need for us to protect our planet and the life that lives here.

Nick Nortier is an illustrator, mural painter, and printmaker, but also enjoys woodworking, performing spoken word poetry, and the overall process of making creative work. Growing up, his main interests were skating and drawing, two hobbies that would eventually merge into one. From skating, he learned to look at the environment in new and creative ways, which would end up influencing how his work interacts with the area that which it was placed. He believes the role of street art and murals is to be an art form that is accessible to everyone.

Find On The Trail - Site 18

Under the Shiawassee Bridge - East Side of the Grand River

The Shiawassee Bridge on the East side of the river was one of ArtPath's original locations. A mural from 2018, the inaugural year of this project still resides on the North wall. This location will house three murals.

This location is made possible in part by generous contributions from:
Jen & Pat Gillespie

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