07 | Atom II

Sculpture  |  Michael Magnotta |  East Lansing, MI

About This Installation

"As a sculptor I have created a number of works reflecting on the cosmos: planets, stars, moons. In this piece, I look again to the universe but to the smallest matter therein, the atom. Its elemental beauty, like that of celestial bodies, makes for a stunning and thoughtful sculpture."

Artist Bio

As a sculptor, privileged to have my work in the public sphere, I feel a responsibility to engage the viewer and provide a positive visual presence to the community. My journey in the arts began some 35 years ago in photography. Architectural studies broadened my artistic horizons as I learned how the integration of materials in a thoughtful design impacts the environment. In a transition from architecture to sculpture, I found expression in creating art from industrial remnants and cast-offs. With inspiration from the masters of the genre, my work arises from my experiences and things I love - jazz, space, nature, mankind, and beauty in all its manifestations. The Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, beauty in the imperfect, and the natural time-worn patina, also resonates in my art. My sculptures typically begin with a trip to the metal yard. There, among the industrial detritus, I gather my palette, much as a painter chooses their paints. From the shapes and textures I rescue, a conversation takes place - a visual conversation - that results in the three-dimensional work comprising my sculptures.

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Buchard Park - South

This spacious, grassy area houses the Brenke Fish Ladder in the historic Old Town Neighborhood.

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