12 | Replica

Mural  |  Stephanie Ellis  |  Grand Rapids, MI

About This Installation

Many man-made creations have parallels rooted in nature, whether we realize it or not. This piece illustrates that even when us humans seek to create something, it always ties back to the natural world. It serves as a reminder to some that even in a society full of technology, we can see that we aren't so separated from the natural world.

Artist Bio

Stephanie Ellis is an illustrator based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her work is largely inspired by the natural world, storytelling, and her midwest upbringing. Her paintings often are character-driven and feature a variety of organic shapes and objects. She creates these worlds with familiar flora and fauna while also incorporating strange or fantasy elements.

Find On The Trail - Site 12

Riverfront Dock

This wooden dock overlooks the Grand River and the Adado River Front Park. This is in a popular area and close to the newly renovated Rotary Park.

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