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About This Installation

'Fish Fighters Lansing' is a collection of some niches and passions frequently found in the capital city. Lansing is a vibrant, creative, and diverse experience. and so is living in it! Each person, each fish, is different and appreciated for everything that they are. All of their identities and passions are valid, and everyone's presence + perspective is needed. Plus, they're all eager to release some energy!

The presentation of the work references iconic fighter games like Mortal Kombat and Super Smash Bros. The artist, Joan Bambery is fully saturated in gaming culture and loves to create mural designs that can connect generations of gamers and non-gamers alike. A videogame can provide comfort to individuals while creating a community for the masses. In that way, it is very similar to public art! They are both excellent platforms for a message meant for wide consumption. 'Fish Fighters Lansing' offers the message that everyone is worth everything. The artist hopes viewers will be able to interact with the mural on their own, with their friends, and with their community. Looking at each fish, wondering about their life, and maybe even conceptualizing some cool battle scenarios with friends! It is all in good fun. Fun is a beautiful form of connection.

Artist Bio

Joan Bambery has studied large-scale public art in New York City, apprenticed for Below the Stacks Mural Festival, worked as an artist for an indie game studio, and has recently graduated from MSU with a BFA in Painting/Printmaking. Now she mostly spends her days drawing murals, designing videogames, and/or submitting video game-inspired murals for ArtPath. Besides the various museum exhibits she's been shown in: the artist has mural work permanently shown on the Michigan State campus (Emergence), and in 2021 she was personally asked to design one of East Lansing's largest murals (Groovy Opportunity) in the heart of downtown. Happy to have the encore, she will also be leading the closing design for the Groovy project in 2022, right next to her upcoming first solo mural on Division street.
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