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Mural  |  Joan Bambery  |  Lansing, MI

About This Installation

Joan's art is heavily influenced by video game design, manga, and the lofty Fine Art standards. Her work comes together through bold lines, vibrant colors, and playful compositions - often joined by an ever-growing cast of original characters she calls companions. Through her studio Joan is Confused, the artist creates high end stylized 2D game graphics and approachable public art for the masses. By mixing the worlds of digital art and fine art as seamlessly as possible, one can be hopeful that the rest of the world can also become more accepting of new mixtures and alternate perspectives. Niche passions breed some of the strongest friendships; and the strongest friendships break the saddest wars.

Artist Bio

Joan Bambery has studied large-scale public art in New York City, apprenticed for Below the Stacks Mural Festival, worked as an artist for an indie game studio, and has recently graduated from MSU with a BFA in Painting/Printmaking. Now she mostly spends her days drawing murals, designing videogames, and/or submitting video game-inspired murals for ArtPath. Besides the various museum exhibits she's been shown in: the artist has mural work permanently shown on the Michigan State campus (Emergence), and in 2021 she was personally asked to design one of East Lansing's largest murals (Groovy Opportunity) in the heart of downtown. Happy to have the encore, she will also be leading the closing design for the Groovy project in 2022, right next to her upcoming first solo mural on Division street.

Find On The Trail - Site 15

Under the Shiawassee Bridge - West Side of the Grand River

We are crossing the river and extending ArtPath to the West side of the Grand River. A short walking distance from the beautifully restored 1930s power plant which is now home to the AF group is the Shiawassee Bridge. This location will house three murals.

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Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs
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