02 | Captured Moments

Mixed Media Installation  |  Erica Bradshaw  |  Portage, MI

About This Installation

The intention behind this piece is for viewers to reflect on memories that they cherish while in nature-while walking the Lansing River Trail. My Great Grandmother was a Michigan landscape painter and she took reference photos from her surroundings to use as inspiration in her paintings. Now, more than 50 years later I am an artist who gathers inspiration from nature as well. This installation acts as a collaboration between my Grandmother and I, as I use her color transparency photo slides, imagery from her paintings, as well as painting pieces myself.

I would love for people viewing this piece to reflect on their own memories/connection to nature. How do we hold onto these memories? How does nature tie into each persons life, from generation to generation? Our natural world is ever changing but retains the same messages/importance throughout time.

Artist Bio

Erica Bradshaw recently received her BFA from Kendall College of Art and Design in 2021. “Growing up on 17 acres of field land and an inquisitive kid at heart, I am drawn to the variety of texture and pattern found in our natural environment. In nature, there is a connection and growth everywhere- characteristics I strive to embody as a person and artist. I work with mixed media because it has always been an immersive experience for me. It brings me joy to experiment with different materials and create an interaction between them in a way that feels “meant to be.”

I believe art and education work together seamlessly, and the themes that remain present throughout my work are wonder and introspection. Whether you are learning more about yourself, or about something bigger, my work is all about reflection. I enjoy creating pieces that can create thought-provoking questions within the viewer. Thoughts of the possibility of bettering themselves or the world around them, even if this is as simple as embracing their curiosity. No matter our age we have the capability to grow from our experiences and interactions. Art has been a vessel for me to do so. I hope that viewing my work helps people better understand the environment around them, and can help inspire change, fulfillment, and positivity.

Lansing artist, Erica Bradshaw was recently featured on WKAR Radio's "All Things Considered".  Erica shares a more in-depth journey into creating her original artwork featured in this year's ArtPath exhibit. Listen to the full interview on WKAR's website.

Find On The Trail - Site 02

The Grassy Knoll

This grassy knoll is just South of the Turner-Dodge House in the historic Old Town Neighborhood. This space is just off of the trail and includes a shady area with a bench.

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