17 | Infinite Summer

Mural  |  Trevor Grabill  |  Kalamazoo, MI

About This Installation

Infinite Summer is an image that celebrates the multifaceted joy of a long summer day. Its collage-like layout draws on comics and the division of a basketball court to conjure a daydream of summer vacation. Specifically, “Infinite Summer” is a meditation on the way that a long, happy day can feel episodic, with the adventures of early morning feeling like a distant memory by the time evening comes around. My work as an illustrator, printmaker, and muralist is about highlighting magic in our ordinary lives. Seen through this lens, “Infinite Summer” is a tool for inspiring vivid imagination and play in the already playful space of the basketball court.

Artist Bio

Trevor was raised in central Michigan and, after some time wandering around Minnesota and Wisconsin, has nested in Kalamazoo. He's a gardener, a teacher, and, primarily, an illustrator, working most often in the media of drawing and printmaking, but also darkroom photography, ceramics, and zines. Trevor is inspired by the landscape of the Great Lakes and the upper midwest, by small towns, local legends, and oral histories, by feminist and leftist traditions, and by the prints of Kathe Kollwitz and Antonio Frasconi.

Find On The Trail - Site 17

Elm Street Park Basketball Court

The basketball court is just off of the trail tucked into a quiet suburban neighborhood. The court itself was used in prior ArtPath installations and will once again be the canvas to a beautiful mural this year.

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Jay Pelc

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