11 | Be Kind

Mural  |  Aminah Marae   |  East Lansing, MI

About This Installation

The contrasting colors and simple figures were important to create a bold, yet low-intensity image that any mural viewer can appreciate. I want simplicity to reinforce the explicit call to kindness. Being kind can, and should be simple. I want to remember to be kind to the mural viewer, I want them to remember to be kind to others, and everyone to remember to be kind to themselves.

I was inspired by the response of healthcare workers during the Coronavirus pandemic, those who made an outspoken effort to uplift them, and the many people who this year made an intentional effort to confront racism. Facing and enduring these charges, even if you are called to them, weighs on people. You can be too burdened by the pandemic, too disheartened by racism, too exhausted from social isolation. There will never be too much kindness. Perhaps if we get the message out, there will always be enough.

Artist Bio

Aminah grew up in Detroit and moved to the Lansing Area to attend Michigan State. She graduated a few years ago and is still here. Detroit is a city that has notoriously high poverty and illiteracy. The simplicity of some murals, ads, and campaigns in the area meet the population where they are. Aminah would like to use this direct approach to mural art in Lansing.

The rapper Killer Mike jokingly founded a religion on sleep. I don’t practice as much as I should, but I believe in rest devoutly. In my artwork I like to center Black and Brown figures in states of rest or luxury, establishing repose as a natural state of being for people of color. Paint allows me to be as minimal, as detailed, or as explicit as necessary to communicate the importance of regular relaxation.

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Under the Kalamazoo Bridge

A 2020 artist created a beautiful, floral mural under this bridge which still exists today as a permanent installation of ArtPath. Look for this new art installation beside it this year.

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