ARTpath 2020 Artist | Stephanie Ellis


Rebirth | Stephanie Ellis


Site 08. River Front West

Sponsored by Michelle Massey & Joe Findlater

Artist Bio

Stephanie Ellis is a Grand Rapids based artist, curator and community organizer who is currently studying illustration at Kendall College of Art & Design.

Artist Statement

Speaking of her work Stephanie says “This piece is based on my experience connecting with the nature of Lansing and Michigan's environment as a whole. Growing up, I have vivid memories of observing frogs along with my Aunt in the Lansing area. The imagery of tadpoles forming from the frog's body represents past ideas and memories forming something new, to later form its own new creations. Fantasy and the natural world always finds its way into my work. The idea of fascination with the world stems from ideas a child may have while exploring the outdoors.”