ARTpath 2020 Artist | Martha Carés


Adopted | Martha Carés


Site 18. Elm Park

Sponsored by Gillespie Group.

Artist Bio

Martha Carés is a performing and visual artist. She has studied music at the acclaimed Interlochen Academy of Art and she has extensively studied opera. Martha's visual work can be found in public and private collections around the country.

Artist Statement

Speaking of her work Martha says "In contrast to my work as a performing artist which emanates from the depths of emotion, my sensibilities as a visual artist spring forth with playful vitality and buoyancy. Drawings and sketches take shape as free-spirited animate forms, radiating a sense of happiness, warmth, and comfort, while inspiring narrative.

Wonders of this beautiful world, its resources and its inhabitants abound with every breath, every gesture, every glance. As individuals and as a whole we have the ability to make positive changes and help others. Aesthetic expression, whether realized through music, the visual arts, dance, literature or the performing arts holds the power to transport, change, influence and enrich our lives, and those sharing our wondrous planet. In creating and exhibiting my work, I hope to spark a dialogue of awareness. In America six to eight million animals are taken in by rescue organizations and shelters each year. Protecting the precious life of an animal through volunteering, adoption or donation moves well beyond rescue of a fellow living creature, for through these generous acts of love, we too are rescued."

Purchase the Artists Work

Adopted is available for purchase for $5,000. To see more of Martha Carés work please contact the Gallery's Exhibitions & Gallery Sales Director, Katrina M. Daniels at