ARTpath 2020 Artist | Jane Reiter

Chain of Knit Hearts by Artist Jane Reiter titled Chain of Compassion
Jane Reiter3_ARTpath2020

Chain of Compassion | Jane Reiter

Fiber Installation

Site 05. Oakland St. Bridge

Sponsored by Kramer Management Group.

Artist Bio

Jane Reiter is a teaching artist, librarian and fiber artist with an MFA from the University of Kansas. She has served as a juror, taught and exhibited her work statewide. 

Artist Statement

Jane says “Chain of Compassion is a simple festoon along a weathered wood fence bordering the Grand River. To me, as the artist, the heart is a strong symbol of love—in this case, love of equality and human rights. I am determined to strive for equality, civil rights, compassionate treatment of others, and humanity in our world.

Chain of Compassion visually asserts kindness, empathy, and respect for the viewer; pedestrians, dog walkers, cyclists, ARTpath visitors, and anglers along the River Trail. This installation provides a quiet moment of good feelings and visual delight for the viewer.”

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