ARTpath 2020 Artist | Isiah Lattimore

Aug. 11 - Isiah Lattimore, Site 16

St. Cecilia | Isiah Lattimore


Site 16. Under the 496 Bridge

Sponsored by Lansing Symphony Orchestra.

Artist Bio

Isiah Lattimore is a Flint based artist who received a BFA in Fine Art from the UM-Flint. He is a muralist and exhibits his work state wide.

Artist Statement

Speaking of his work Isiah says “I seek to explore making street art while maintaining the vocabulary of painting. The goal is to preserve the teachings of Western Art History while appropriating the aesthetics of contemporary art styles. My hope is to advocate that the methods of traditional painting are alive and relevant in the art world today, and contribute to solidifying street arts place within the lineage of art making.”

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