ARTpath 2020 Artist | Douglas M Gruizenga

"An Ancient Relic From Our Distant Future" is a 2020 ArtPath work by artist Douglas M. Gruizenga

An Ancient Relic From Our Distant Future | Douglas M Gruizenga

Welded Aluminum

Site 07. River Front Park East

Sponsored by AF Group.

Artist Bio

Douglas M Gruizenga has a background in art education and art practice. His major field of study was sculpture and furniture design. Douglas currently works at the esteemed Interlochen Arts Academy. His work is held in public and private collections and widely exhibited nationally.

Artist Statement

Speaking of his work Douglas says "During construction I became aware of its meaning for me. It seems that we are in a time of greater awareness of our past, the implications of present day society, and the infinite number of possibilities for our future. I would hope that each person who views the sculpture, will be challenged to formulate a concept of where they might see their self in respect to the infinite universe, and to the unlimited possibilities in front of them. The first problem is to resolve what this thing is. Or, does that even matter? After coming up with the title, I completed an internet search for Ancient, Relic, Distant, Future. Albert Einstein once used those words in a single paragraph. The relationship between mass, energy, and time, can be confusing. However, we interact with each of them on a daily basis. Are there parallel universes? Is it possible for something from our future to appear in the present, or appear to be from the past?

As for our ability to apply what we know from the past, into the present, and create that reality in the future, I am very optimistic! We are fortunate to have creative, intelligent, and diligent young people who are capable of finding solutions to current challenges that face this grand planet that we call earth!"

Purchase the Artists Work

An Ancient Relic From Our Distant Future by Douglas M. Gruizenga is available for purchase for $24,000.

To purchase this sculpture or see more of Douglas work please contact the Gallery's Exhibitions & Gallery Sales Director, Katrina M. Daniels at