ARTpath 2020 Artist | Ann Lewis


Keep it Grand Lansing | Ann Lewis


Site 15. Under the 496 Bridge

Sponsored by Dan & Bonnie Warmels.

Artist Bio

Ann Lewis has been a public artist for over 10 years, having created murals in Boston, Brooklyn, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Miami. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin Madison with a degree in Fine Art and has been working as a professional artist for 12 years. Most recently she has been commissioned by Duolingo in Pittsburgh to create a mural on the facade of their headquarters which is over 10,000 sq ft.

Artist Statement

Speaking of her work Ann says "As a public artist I often seek inspiration from the surrounding community and natural resources around the site I paint. The Grand River inspires me to remind the public to honor the waterways which support all life on Earth. This work hides the phrase, 'Keep it Grand' within the lines of a maze-like design. This is meant to encourage viewers to care for our planet and our precious fresh water. I have worked in this method for several years and find it's an excellent way to engage audiences to stop and read between the lines."