Sock Creature How To

Supplies Needed to Make your own Sock Creature

Sock / any size or color
Pillow Stuffing / or other soft filling such as old socks, rags
Glue/taky glue or other liquid glue

Googly Eyes
Pom poms
Other things i.e. sequins, buttons, feathers


  1. Stuff your sock with pillow stuffing. Not too little or too much. Be sure there is empty space at the bottom of your sock so you can tie a knot in the bottom (like you would a balloon) or close the bottom by tying a string around the bottom.
  2. Cut shapes out of the felt to create a face i.e. eyes, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, even clothing. Use the included embellishments to give your Sock some personality. Then glue them onto the sock, let dry.
  3. Give your Sock Creature a name and create a story about your creation. Take a picture, selfie, or video of you and your Sock Creature and share it with us!


Once your Sock Creature is ready for its public debut take a photo/selfie/video, share and tag @lansingartgallery #sockreatureslansing


Instagram: @lansingartgallery

Twitter: @lansingartgall


Fun Sock Creature ideas:

  • Buy several Sock Creature Kits and have a Family Fun Night, or Birthday Party activity.
  • Take your Sock Creature on a tour of Lansing and take pictures of your Sock Creature in front of your favorite spots.
  • Send a Sock Creature Kit to someone as a gift.
  • Create a Sock Creature as your study buddy.