2023 Ingham Student Art Virtual Exhibition

Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center, Ingham Intermediate School District, and the Michigan Education Leadership Group host this annual celebration of excellence in the visual arts. The Ingham Student Art Exhibit is a competition open to all K-12 students within the Ingham Intermediate School District service area. The submitted artwork was selected by a qualified juror and will be professionally framed.

The selected artwork will be exhibited at Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center, Ingham Intermediate School District Thorburn Education Center, and the Michigan Educational Leadership Group. Exhibition opening dates are May 2 at the Ingham Intermediate School District, May 3 at the Michigan Education Leadership Group, and May 4 at the Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center

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Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center Exhibition

Ingham Intermediate School District Exhibition

Michigan Education Leadership Group Exhibition

Exhibiting Students

In alphabetical order by last initial.

Rayna A. Grade 11

Kynnedi A. Grade 3

Emily B. Grade 2

Darrien B. Grade 5 

Brianna B. Grade 8 

Lauren B. Grade 12

Ellery C. Grade 10 

Ben D. Grade K

Evelyn D. Grade 2

Evan F. Grade K

Myah F. Grade 11

Lily F. Grade 8 

Ola F. Grade 7 

Allison G. Grade 10

Analeigh G. Grade 5

Gabriella G. Grade 11

Pieper G. Grade 1

Eli G. Grade 12

Cassie G. Grade 11

Roman H. Grade 4

Nyomi H. Grade 12

Ashlynn K. Grade 5

Ava K. Grade 12

Julianne K. Grade 10 

Brandon L. Grade 12

Paige L. Grade 12

Ada L. Grade 3

Justice L. Grade K

Brenden L. Grade 14

Amara M. Grade 1

Jameson M. Grade 3

Madilyn M. Grade 7 

Jolene M. Grade 7

Brianna N. Grade 12

Seraphim P. Grade 10 

Analicia R. Grade 4

Taylor R. Grade 1

Dakota R. Grade 10 

Evan R. Grade 6 

Jayden S. Grade 12

Allayna S. Grade 5

Reegan S. Grade 8

Alex T. Grade 12+ 

Raphael T. Grade 2

Blakley V. Grade 1

Addison W. Grade 9 

Jaiden W. Grade 5 

Dezmen W. Grade 7 

Iyanna W. Grade 3

Jayda Y. Grade K 

Thank You Art Teachers!

The following teachers teach, guide and motivate their art students each day. They go above and beyond to enter their student's artwork into this juried art exhibition.

Beekman Center - Gina Ried

Cavanaugh STEAM Elementary - Shari Apol

Cole Academy East - Layna Lesnau

Cole Academy Lansing - Layna Lesnau

Discovery Elementary School - Angie Herek

East Lansing High School - Spencer Cobett

Everett High School, Lansing School District - Pamela Collins

Explorer Elementary School - Angie Herek

Forest View - Shari Apol 

Gardner International Magnet - Shari Apol 

Grand Ledge High School - Doris Thompson

Haslett High School - Kaylee Fletcher

Holt High School - Heidi Irvine

Kendon Elementary - Julie Naccarato 

Leslie High School – Patricia David

Lewton Global Studies and Spanish Immersion – Julia Naccarato



MacDonald Middle School - Chadwick Noellert

Mason Middle School – Tracy Casali & Marty Frew 

Mason High School –  Yalonda Combs & Jennifer Harrington

Okemos High School – Amanda Welch

St. Martha School, Okemos - Liz Wylegala

St. Thomas Aquinas - Susannah Van Horn

Steele Elementary - Audrey Bowen

Stepping Stones Montessori – Wendy Sylvester-Rowan

Vivian Riddle Elementary School - Shari Apol 

Waverly East Intermediate School - Laura Weber 

Waverly Middle School - Laura Weber

Webberville Community School - Dean Wilson

Williamston High School - Meagan Kubu 


Thank You, Christine Beals

Special thanks to local artist Christine Beals who served as the juror for the 2023 exhibit.

Christine Beals is a local artist who utilizes geometric designs, quilt patterns, and the beauty of nature as inspiration for her work. She meticulously maps out on a wooden board, carefully paints and embellishes it, and finally varnishes it to give it a protective coating. The finished product is very similar to examples of folk art, in that it features bold, clean lines and vibrant colors.

Thank You to our Exhibition Partners

The Ingham Student Art Exhibit would not be possible without the contributions from these collaborating partners.

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