2021: A Ripple Effect of Positivity

Artwork by Tom Tomasek

Reflections on innovation
As our team at Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center plans for 2021 and beyond, I’m reflecting on milestones and looking to the horizon for next steps. This year marks my seventh as executive director and twenty-third in the arts sector. I recognize 2020’s unprecedented upheaval, which yielded extraordinary innovation. Despite tragedy, adversity, and a shifting landscape, our organization is poised for 2021.

A ripple effect of positivity
Our practice is based on research and inspired by love for our community: arts engagement measurably improves lives. Our staff team is profoundly dedicated and eager to create a positive ripple effect through community-engaged pop up art events, exhibitions, and public art. In 2021 we’ll offer art supply kits, virtual artist talks, how-to art videos, and Sock Creatures 2.0!

Leadership: reflecting our community
As I reflect on the foundation of our work steeped in arts access, I’m inspired by the artwork above by featured exhibiting artist Tom Tomasek. Spending a moment with Tom’s image offers a moment of stillness that I’ve come to value during the pandemic. As I ponder, I’m grateful for our growing, and increasingly diverse, Board of Directors’ leadership and vision toward diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Planning from a place of abundance
Please know that we’re planning for 2021 and beyond from a place of abundance – we envision a future with your involvement. We recognize the potential for increased visibility, economic development, and more. Stay tuned for a series of opportunities to share your thoughts, including surveys.

Welcoming your feedback
As always, please contact me directly if you would like to share feedback or learn more about potentially serving on our Board of Directors. I’d love to hear from you: barb@lansingartgallery.org or (517) 883-1435.

Barb Whitney
Executive Director

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