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May 3, 2016 – June 30, 2016
Lansing Art Gallery is pleased to present Rooted in Intuition II, an exhibition of mixed media works by Howell artist Diane Marie Kramer.

Diane says, "Past experiences have shaped me, just as Nature shapes its landscapes through time. My work, conceived from within, draws on those experiences. It conveys the passage of time upon my own inner worlds. Intuition and dream states are channels through which I try to discern the essence of things. Images, feelings and forms are derived from the unconscious world where my images are developed. These coalesce into a reflection of who I am as an artist and individual.

The materials in each piece play a significant role in the successful realization of the work.I juxtaposed bits of personal memorabilia from family and friends. A blend of vintage advertisements from the 1960’s that used to line my grandma’s dresser drawers, to my father’s saved childhood letters and special tid-bits saved in an old school bag from youth to adulthood, are some of the elements I selected. The color, texture and shapes of these "sacred artifacts" were my personal palette, resurrected and intuitively worked into the artwork that is included in this series.

I also acquired a Red Accordion, which I deconstructed and included in numerous mixed media paintings.

The alchemical process of melding materials, feelings and forms over time has manifested in the works which you see before you--works that are all “rooted in intuition.”

May the witnessing of these works be as rich for you as creating them was for me."
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Diane Marie Kramer
Mixed Media