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July 6, 2016 – August 25, 2016
Lansing Art Gallery is pleased to present Great Escapes, an exhibition of mixed media works by local artist Zahrah Resh.

Zahrah says, "Everyone has a place they go to physically or mentally when they need to find, calm, solace, refuge, to find answers to problems, to rejuvenate one's spirit and vitality. My great escape has always been in my imagination.

My mother had always said that I am a dreamer and it still true till today. As a child I dream of magical and fantastic places inhabited by imaginary people of many shapes color and sizes with magical abilities, where cakes and chocolates and cookies appear on command, where butterflies and flowers are in abundance and vivid colors everywhere.

To-day I dream to meditate, seek respite, find refuge from the stresses and challenges of everyday life, As an artist, the great escapes I created in my mind are places I go to to work out problems and find solutions to my creative process, stretch my imagination, expand my creativity and at the same have some fun and be child like again. My mind's fantasy places are always magical, colorful, ever changing and secure.

Within these abstract artworks in this exhibit, I would like to share with the viewers a peek into this part of my world where I find joy, sanctuary, fun, quiet respite, answers ,and sometimes more questions to where, what, why and how of navigating life's gifts and challenges."
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Zahrah Resh
Mixed Media