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July 21, 2015 – August 27, 2015
An artist and educator, Mark creates vibrant works of art with enamel on shaped panels.

Mark says, "Our daily experiences affect the way we interpret the world and the people around us. We are constantly being shifted by our situations. When we encounter these moments, we are the same being, altered in a slight or monumental way. At times, what we see and experience, isn’t exactly what we think we have seen. My work is inspired by that kind of shift. Everything that we go through on a daily basis as people; be it joyous news, scandals, death, or bombings, we are still a community that is trying to look on the brighter side. To peer into the cracks and question where this line is now going to lead. My work seeks to represent this vision."

Exhibition Details
Mark Piotrowski
enamel on panel