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January 8, 2014 – February 22, 2014
Lansing Art Gallery presents Japan Meditations: しゅんかんのたましい (The Soul of a Moment) by Owosso artist, Linda Beeman. Linda is an environmental artist working exclusively in the ancient water-based Japanese art of moku hanga – woodblock print. This medium gives subtleties of color and tone unavailable in other mediums. Beeman states, “The spiritual connection that I find in the creation of the print is extremely important to me. The process is quiet, calming and meditative. Carving individual wood blocks for each color in the print, isolated profiles are separated and then joined again. This exploration of forms within a space creates a deeper, intimate encounter with nature. The emotional, physical and spiritual energy I use to create a print somehow becomes imbedded within it to reveal the heart and spirit of a location.”
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Linda Beeman
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