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January 6, 2015 – February 12, 2015
A husband and wife team, both Jay and Patti are professors at Kendall College of Art and Design. Jay accepted the full time teaching position at Kendall is 1980, and was chair of the Fine Art/Painting program for ten years. He holds an MFA from Northern Illinois University. Patti received her MFA from the University of Cincinnati in 1991, and has been a full time professor of drawing and printmaking at Kendall since 2004.

Macro/Micro features Jay's latest body of work which is influenced by astronomy, microbiology, and ideas from the realm of quantum physics, as well as several drawings of Patti's as a response to Jay's series. Jay says, "One of the most interesting areas I have researched is the existence of alternate universes and other dimensions...The ideas of Michio Kaku (a theoretical physicist) have been in the vanguard of speculation on the subject of parallel universes. Many of the insights from Michio Kaku’s book inspired me to think about different ways to represent the idea of a universe filled with strange and unusual possibilities. It inspired me to use the human figure as a kind of Alice in Wonderland character. The female figures in my paintings are usually asleep, dreaming or day dreaming which allows them to enter a fantastic world where astronomical forms coexist with microscopic or subatomic particles together in the same magical space. In this way, I hope to create an art that encompasses scientific inquiry and magical thinking."
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Jay & Patricia Constantine
mixed media