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February 17, 2015 – March 26, 2015
Cynthia draws from observation, recording objects, figures, faces, and animals. She then hand colors and manipulates her drawings, occasionally adding unexpected textural elements such as threads, beads, or shell fragments.

Cynthia says, " With pen, with scissors, I draw myself into another creature and look outward. Based on research and intuitive instances, I imagine my relocation, my dislocation, my appearance, relative to plants and animals. This imagined place is a refuge. It is at first comfortable being drawn into this persona place, but soon the notion breeds an uneasy dread of entrapment and intellectual deprivation. Who are we, really?...I begin each work with a specific configuration in mind, but always experience surprise in the process as the outcome changes considerably from my start-up idea."

Exhibition Details
Cynthia Foley
mixed media