Tamara (Tea) Brown

Tamara (Tea) Brown
Lansing, MI

Break Free

Artist Statement
As an artist, born and raised here in Lansing, MI I have experienced many things and made bonds with people from all walks of life. I have always been an artist since I was young, but only used art and music as an outlet when I was younger and was made to believe that art was not a promising career with as intelligent as I am, so I studied and got my degree in Molecular Biotechnology. It wasn’t until later when studying for my Reiki Mastership, that I realized not sharing my artistic gift with the world would be an injustice and a waste of talent. My art almost always has a message with hidden symbolism in it, like DaVinci’s work, whom I studied in college. If it wasn’t for art, much of what we know about history simply wouldn’t exist, because long after people have passed away, the art remains and continues to paint a picture for generations to come. Artists used to be held in high regard, and I am doing my best to keep that ideology alive. I have experienced many hardships including losing most of my close family members and art has helped me to release much of the pain in my heart while inspiring others to look for the positive no matter what. It is both my therapy and awakening for the world. After all, Earth without “art” is just “eh”. This piece I titled Break Free because I want to help people see that we are more then just physical beings roaming aimlessly. I want people to find their gift, do not live in fear of the unknown and spread their wings and fly with it.

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