Pop Up Special Edition: Stephanie Gregg
Primeval by Stephanie Gregg

“After a 25-year career in higher education, preceded by stints in print production and advertising, I am indulging my passion of playing with painterly textures, vibrant colors, and earthly designs. I am currently enchanted by the amazing effects of alcohol inks moving across shiny surfaces, whether on Yupo “paper” or ceramic tiles.

Surrendering to the magic of inks merging and blooming, I have learned when to “go with the flow” for inspiration and when to rein it in for the effect that suits me.

In 2016 when I discovered the joy of playing with alcohol inks, (creating what I call “my inky doodles”) I realized that such play can also express my take on some serious subjects. I appreciate the opportunity to share my love of color and artistic expression with you.

The art curriculum at Michigan State University in the mid-1960s introduced me to the basics including figure drawing, elements of design, art history, and art education. The bachelor’s degree, College of Arts and Letters, English major, with an emphasis in writing and literature, expressed my love of words, analysis, and fanciful images!

In the 1980s, I loved volunteering as an artist at Wilcox Elementary School, Holt, to promote reading. Thanks to the encouragement of the innovative school librarian Agatha Myers, I designed annual billboards painted by school children, painted storybook characters and murals on hallway walls leading into the school library, helped to promote and welcome visiting author illustrators and I “pictured” the Dewey Decimal system with original poster art. Silkscreen printmaking, fashion illustration, and mixed media collage are other areas of development.

I am currently working on art for an exhibit at Grove Gallery in May/June 2018.” – Stephanie Gregg