Pop Up Special Edition: Shannon Stackhouse
Buckhead Garage by Shannon Stackhouse

“I am a fine artist working primarily in photography. I love photography for the way it makes concrete one’s “way of seeing,” recording visual exploration alongside the adventures of life. Much of my work is based in close observation of the natural world: pattern, form, color, texture and especially light inform what I find beautiful and interesting enough to be captured.

The photograph featured in this exhibit is from a smaller series entitled “Urban Color” – title self-explanatory. The attention to form, color and light remain, but the subject is the city in its grander scale and distinctly human presence. As with photography of nature, I enjoy noticing and recording objects, streets, signs and scenes others pass by and do not notice many times every day. In addition, the oft-juxtaposed natural and man-made elements found in reflections, in streets, in composition – the ordered and organic – lends great interest to any interaction with The City.” – Shannon Stackhouse