Pop Up Special Edition: Laurén Brady
Light Hit The Chandelier by Laurén Brady

“I approach painting as a way of exploring and understanding environments by experiencing, observing, and reacting. The act of creating becomes a means to delve into the depths of perception as a culmination of past experiences, memories, and events. A way to observe the phenomena of the past becoming intrinsically intertwined with the present. I find myself a sympathizer with the philosophy of transcendentalism: there is more hidden in nature; nature itself is imbued with revelations and connections leading beyond the visual and the sensory.

The works become collages, sometimes by the literal compilation of found objects or by pieced-together panels, of specific locations, noting what is present, what is absent or empty in the space, and how my perception acts as a constant filter through which I process all that I encounter. Fragmentation, disjunction, and amalgamation of seemingly incidental elements of a location, such as shadows, chipping paint, corners, light cast on walls, are how I navigate and investigate the meaning of place.

My art explores these relationships through limpid layering and texturing to portray that nothing seen is strictly as it physically appears. Mixed-media lends itself best in my work; pieces are created with oils, spray paint, found objects, photo-transfer, graphite, and pastels. Pieces begin with a drawing, using either graphite or pyrography. Covering up areas by transferring a photo or spray painting a thin layer, I obliterate part of the image and leave certain areas exposed, mimicking the process of both erosion and sedimentation. These compilations evolve by time, human impact, weather, and memories that alter and affect the way the location is seen and how a person sees.

As I look to the past, I do not dwell, but seek to observe and become conscious of my surroundings. What I often find is not a clear representation but suggestions of what was and what exists.” – Laurén Brady