Pop Up Special Edition: Laura DeLind
A Solar Spill by Laura DeLind

“I have been cutting and hand-printing block prints for over 30 years. I enjoy working with linoleum because it is an unpretentious medium, has no pre-existing texture, and lends itself to bold, spontaneous images.

I am drawn to the challenge of black and white design and to the problems presented through the interactions of positive and negative space. Organic shapes figure repeatedly in my work. Birds, especially, provide me with a read-made “excuse” to play with shape and pattern and to see the world in simple, sensitive, and often whimsical ways.” – Laura DeLind

Laura DeLind will also host a free demo as part of the Pop Up Project. Laura will present a print making demo and hands on activity on Wednesday, August 9, 12 PM – 1 PM

Creating relief prints can be quick, easy, and fun – something that anyone between the ages of 5 and 95 can do and enjoy. In addition the process requires a minimum of equipment.

The artist will produce a demo in relief printing using 4” x 6” foam plates. Participants will be invited to draw on a plate using a stylus (e.g., pencil or stick). Once the plates have been designed, we will ink them (using a brayer and Caligo safe-wash inks or water-based inks) and print them on white proofing paper. The finished prints will be hung up on a clothes line to dry. This demo will take place outside on the sidewalk – allowing both participants and passers-by to enjoy the process and view the finished prints.

The entire printmaking process will take between 5-10 minutes/ person, making it possible for people on their lunch breaks (or with short attention spans) to participate.