Pop Up Special Edition: Kimberly Lavon
Egg by Kimberly Lavon

“I love printmaking and graphic design. Hence my choice to create an extensive body of work combining tactile papers from around the globe with the historical printmaking technique of block printing.

I am working on a new series using the platform of women’s rights. By objectifying the female form into food objects I aim to teach consent, empower women everywhere and make people laugh through the creation of cheeky/puny/witty art.

I draw inspiration from Frida Kahlo, J.G. Posada and Andy Warhol. From subject matter to style and technique to brand recognition these artists have influenced my work in many ways and continue to do so today.

As a female Latin American artist this subject is close to my heart. I hope my collection has an impact on the viewer, inspires my contemporaries and the public at large or at least makes people think, laugh or smile. Thank you for taking time visit my work. – Kimberly Lavon”