Pop Up Special Edition: Britta Urness
Les Temps De L’Amour by Britta Urness

“This print the Wes Anderson movie, “Moonrise Kingdom” as references for the figures. In the movie, two teenagers run away from home, feeling outcast from their families, or lack thereof. They are trying on adulthood like an unfamiliar pair of shoes, eager to fill the role, but awkward in their pantomime. Suzy Bishop, the girl, turns on her portable record player and sets the scene for dancing, which she believes is what grown-ups in love do, naturally.

The work is made by collagraph, monoprint, and plexiglass etching printmaking methods. Cut and molded textures build out the beach environment for the figures to navigate. The flotsam and jetsam of time, experience, joy and loss are littered on the ground.” – Britta Urness