Megan Hildebrandt

Growth Charts | Megan Hildebrandt

May 2 – June 28, 2019
Reception: Friday, May 10, 6 – 8 PM
Member Exclusive Insider Series | Artist Talk prior to the reception at 5:30 PM

This exhibition is generously sponsored by Dan & Bonnie Warmels.

Artist Statement

“My large and medium-scale works on paper examine autobiography via repetition, ritual, and daily performance. I am interested in creating proof of my existence on paper. A litany of marks that monitor moments and months, a year of cutting paper by hand, daily records of a toddler’s linguistics- I mark time in this work.

I am a young adult cancer survivor and who recently had my second child. These life events have greatly impacted my creative practice. Confronting my own mortality at age 25 and then experiencing the fragility and strength of birth, I have become obsessed with tracking time- documenting the small, routine moments of life that loop and repeat. I want to give the viewer intimate, personal moments that capture the both fleeting and endless seconds of being alive.

Growth Charts documents the break-neck period of growth and evolution that I witness in my two children. I am interested in making work about the simultaneously tedious and rapid process of becoming. The immediacy of drawn or painted marks suits me best. As an artist I try to fix the fleeting moments of physical and psychological change and growth into a single image.”