Kate Cosgrove
Kate Cosgrove
Lansing, MI

Under The Bridge

Artist Statement

I am a MI based artist, MSU BFA graduate, who has been exploring the media of visual storytelling through papercut illustration. LAG hosted a mini-show for my work in March 2017 featuring my papercuts and this fall I completed a large scale-paper cutting commission that is now a part of the Herbert Herman Cancer Center’s permanent art collection.

My idea for Art Path involves utilizing the ‘rafters’ under the bridge spaces along the Riverwalk. I have a child who has a sensory processing disorder & sometimes that makes walking or biking the trail challenging and/or distracting for her. Every bug buzz, every bird flutter, every water splash causes her brain to react either out of discomfort, fear or just curiosity.

I would like to create mid-sized white vinyl cuttings (vinyl rather than paper, as this is an outdoor project) to hang up overhead (and out of reach) of creatures typically found under the bridge that the neurotypical person might not even notice when going about their day, ie: Nesting Birds, Spiders & Moths, Hanging Bats. The contrast of the white cuttings will make these “normal” things stand out, forcing the viewer’s perception of the unnoticed to sharpen.

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