Jane Reiter
Jane Reiter
Lansing, MI
Follow Your Bliss

Artist Statement
Follow Your Bliss consists of a cheerful, pleasant row of colorful umbrellas and yarn bombing attached to the wood fence lining the River Trail near the Old Town Bridge.

The trail needs vivid, lively, and spirited “blooms” to contrast with the urban landscape. Runners, pedestrians, dog walkers, and cyclists will enjoy this stretch of altered terrain. They will alight upon a decorated fence providing an unexpected and delightful surprise! The work will suggest a garden like walkway contrasting the bare path. The sprightly umbrellas and rail will also be visible from the bridge above, attracting curious viewers to encounter Follow Your Bliss.

Reiter encourages interaction with the work, such as “snapping selfies” or use fabric ribbons and yarn strands to tie colorful tags onto the fence or umbrella handles. Throughout the course of the installation, this work will grow and change as viewers make these additions to the work.

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