Jacquelynn Sullivan & Samuel Gould
Jacquelynn Sullivan & Samuel Gould
Lansing, MI

Entropy is a public art piece and a musical sound sculpture that sounds like wind chimes.
Artist Statement
Entropy is a proposed interactive free-standing sound sculpture that with human interaction will illuminate sounds of movement and harmonize a lack of order or predictability. The form of the sculpture mimics the cycles sound repeats as it builds and then lessens with each interaction, making the viewer visibly aware of the changing shapes of sound. As simultaneous interaction occurs, the work will envelop space with sounds of disorder and gradually return to silence. Viewers will be able to interact with the piece by entering into it through a barrier free entrance or through the perimeter of the sound sculpture.

Collaborators and husband and wife, Jacquelynn Sullivan and Samuel Gould are proposing a piece that fuses their creative interests. Jacquelynn Sullivan holds an MFA in Sculpture from Michigan State University, where she serves as the Director of Galleries and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Art, Art History, and Design. Samuel Gould holds a DMA in Percussion Performance from Michigan State University and teaches at Grand Valley State University and Grand Rapids Community College. As members of the Lansing community they would to have the opportunity to share their work with Greater Lansing and mid-Michigan.